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Club Penguin Puffle Party Task 2 Available Now!

It’s been 18 hours since to the release of the 2013 Puffle Party and if you have completed Task 2 of the Puffle Party over 18 hours ago then you’re in for a chance to complete the second task in the island! If you go to the Puffle Hotel waddle over to this sign and click on it:

Once you’ve clicked on it you should see that Task 2 has been enabled! Here’s what it’ll look like:

Click “Go there!” and you’ll be transported into the Puffle Hotel Spa + Gyn! Waddle over to these chairs with your puffle:

Stay on the chair for about 7 seconds and this message will appear:

You can get 150 coins for your penguin…

Along with members being able to obtain the Puffle Groomer Outfit!

That’s it so far! Once you’ve completed this stage then you’re one stage closer to being able to go up into the clouds and meet and adopt the Rainbow Puffle! We would love to hear in the comments on what you have to say on this new stage in the Club Penguin Puffle Party. -Happyblue128

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