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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 Cheats

Update: Click here for task 2 cheats

Update 2: Click here for task 3 cheats

Club Penguin have released the 2013 Puffle Party today on the Club Penguin island and today I am happy to announce that RiffyCP has found all the cheats for the new party! First off, let’s start out with how to transform into a puffleย on Club Penguin! This feature is the same as last year but for those newer viewers/players here’s a guide on how to transform into a puffle:

1) Waddle over to the Ski Village and you’ll notice that the Ski Lodge looks different! Check it out:

2) Waddle into the Ski Village and you will be in the Puffle Play Zone. Now waddle over to this door:

3) Once you’re at this door, a message will pop-up asking you to pick one of your puffles that you have to transform into (Note: if you don’t have a puffle you must get one from the Pet Shop to transform into one).

4) Now you’ve picked a puffle you will now have transformed into a Puffle and will be in the Puffle Spa, exclusively for Puffles! Check it out:

Now you’re a puffle and your playercard will look different when you click on it – it’ll show you as a puffle and will show you a “Transform Back to a penguin” button. Here’s what it looks like:

Over at the Plaza, and a few other rooms, you can get items for your penguin with a special catalog! Check out the awesome catalog where you can adopt the Rainbow Puffle Costume!

As you can see from the above image, there’s a hidden item in this catalog and you can obtain it by clicking on the “I <3 my Rainbow Puffle” T-Shirt. Epic right?

Moving on now to something else… The Puffle Hotel has been released and everyone can waddle into it! Check out the Plaza:

You can also enter the Puffle Hotel via the Pet Shop:

If you enter the Puffle Hotel in any way, you’ll appear in the Hotel Lobby! Check it out:

You’ll notice that you can buy Food for your Puffles in the right hand side of this room:

As well as Puffle Hats in this side of the room:

Everyone’s reading this post now probably saying “WELL WHERE’S THE RAINBOW PUFFLE?”. The thing is, Club Penguin have made it so we have to wait until we’re able to adopt this Rainbow Puffle! We have to complete a quest every 18 hours! Check out the first one:

Click “Go There!” and you’ll be taken to the Puffle Gym! Here your Puffles can run on running machines, get bubbles in their face and be pampered! To complete this task you need them to run on running machines like this:


Once you’ve done that for about 10 seconds, this message will appear:

You’ll be able to obtain some coins:

If you’re a member penguin you could unlock some Puffle Trainers for FREE!

Once finished with the Puffle Gym, go to the elevator and you’ll be asked if you wish to go to the Lobby (the first room), the Puffle Gym (where you are now) or the Rooftop Pool! Check it out:

I suggest you go to the Rooftop Pool party because your puffle can eat, sleep and have fun the pool at the top of the hotel! Now, members can blast off from the cannon to get the Rainbow Puffle but now until they have completed all 4 quests (Only 1 is available at the moment!) If you do try to, and you’re a member, then this message will appear:

What do you think of the 2013 Puffle Party? Do you want the Club Penguin team to release the Rainbow Puffle now or do you think it was smart of them to actually make us wait for the puffle to be available to adopt and walk around the island with? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on all aspects of the party!

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