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Club Penguin 2013 Hollywood Party Exclusive Emote

A few moments ago, as of making this post, the new Club Penguin co-owner Spike Hike  just logged off of Club Penguin and has now released a brand new sneak peek of the upcoming 2013 Hollywood Party on his own Club Penguin Twitter account. The brand new sneak peek image that Polo Field tweeted shows that during the upcoming party we will be able to do an exclusive emote that is themed for the 2013 Hollywood Party and when the party finishes, the emote will be removed. Anyway, check it out:

I wonder what room Spike Hike is in and I wonder if he’s in just a normal Club Penguin room or one of the very special Club Penguin 2013 Hollywood Party rooms however I do believe Spike Hike is in one of the special party rooms called the Limo Room. Also, it is possible that in the top right hand corner of this sneak peek image there is a special party catalog which will be available during the party with exclusive items for members and with a few available for non-members. Anyway, we would love to hear in the comments on what you have to say on this brand new sneak peek image that Spike Hike has released today.


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