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Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Cheats 2013

After weeks and weeks on end of countless sneak peeks of the upcoming Prehistoric Party, the Club Penguin team have released the all new Prehistoric Party which is set to conclude in the next few weeks. During the first ever party of 2013, member penguins will be able to transform into different dinosaurs and will be able to fly, stomp and roar! Also, if you’re not too keen on the whole Prehistoric action, you can return to the normal Club Penguin with a click of your mouse. Below is the complete guide on the 2013 Prehistoric Party.

First off, when you login to Club Penguin you’ll be greeted with this message:

Next, there have been loads of all new items which we can see during this party! Some of these items are for all players and some are exclusively for member penguins only. Head on over to the Prehistoric Snow Forts and you’ll see a place saying “Items for Everyone” and indeed there are items which all penguins can use. This is the content:

Now for the moment that everyone has been waiting for! During the 2013 Prehistoric Party member penguins will be able to transform into different dinosaurs and there is a very clever way in which Club Penguin have done this. We have to find dinosaur eggs which are scattered in a game which is basically a Prehistoric 1 player version of Treasure Hunt. The first thing to do is find one of these posts which are scattered across the island:

When you get there a message will appear asking if you wish to play Dino Dig, simply click “Yes” and you will be playing Dino Dig which enables you to find Dinosaur Eggs and even gain coins! Take a look:

Once finished, a message will appear saying you’ve found a Dino Egg (if you did) and how many coins you got (if you got any) – it’ll look something like this:

One you have clicked “OK” you’ll be taken back into Club Penguin and you’ll find that if you click on this icon:

then you’ll find that an egg has been added to your collection of eggs and every egg transforms you into a different dinosaur (members only). If you’re not a member then you can get a cool free item when you get all 12 eggs!

You can transform into a total of 12 different dinosaurs during this party and one of the Club Penguin staff members showed us what it’s like to transform into the main three dinosaurs on Club Penguin! Check out this image:

Moving away from transformations now and on to the Club Penguin Prehistoric Party room designs which have an all new look and are quite confusing to be honest! Check out a few of the rooms and see if you can notice other Prehistoric events taking place:

And another room:

If you go around the Club Penguin island then you’ll notice that the island is completely decorated for the Prehistoric event as you can see the chat bar, map, newspaper icon, postcards icon and even the moderator badge look like they’re from the Stone Age! Along with that, there are three new limited time only emotes which will stay until the party finishes. Take a look at the current list of emotes now:

If you click the “Map” icon then you’ll see a brand new map design that looks very complicated and it’s easy to get lost around the island – also, you can go back to normal 2013 Club Penguin by clicking a button in the top right hand side of the map. Take a look at this image for a full view of the map:

I love the 2013 Prehistoric Party and while we have been going back in time in the first ever party of 2013, I must say that it’s been a giant leap forward for the Club Penguin team! Club Penguin have done themselves proud with no bugs or glitches (as far as I am aware) in this party – unlike previous parties. Also, the fact that we get to go back to normal 2013 Club Penguin if we’re bored of the Prehistoric one was a great idea however I’ve seen a few dinosaurs back in 2013 – eek! We would love to hear on what you have to say on the Prehistoric Party and would love to hear what feature you like the most in this party!

Ooga Booga! -Happyblue128

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