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Rookie Is Currently Online Club Penguin!

Whiles on Club Penguin today, busy tracking down Herbert P. Bear, I noticed that when I was at server Zipline at the Town I got a brand new stamp. I noticed that it wasn’t a Herbert stamp, it was a Rookie stamp – Rookie was in the same room as me, but who can that be? Rookie isn’t meant to be online During Operation: Blackout, online Herbert is! Well it seems after being frozen by Herbert and saved by the rest of the Elite Penguin Force Rookie wanted to go around saying thanks and giving us agents advice. Incase you do not believe me in what I am saying, I have an image of Rookie online at the Zipline, Town here:

It would seem that Rookie is online and as you can see in the above picture (taken by myself) he is searching the island for Herbert P. Bear to be captured. If you see Herbert online Club Penguin in the near future then feel free to tell him that the Elite Penguin Force are currently on his tail and will be captured – I bet that will get him angry! It’s awesome that Rookie is currently online Club Penguin as well as Herbert P. Bear, who knows, perhaps Gary will login? Anyway, we would love to hear what you have to say on Operation: Blackout and Rookie being online Club Penguin right now in the comments, below.


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