Meet Herbert In German Club Penguin Servers

Whiles on the Club Penguin website today, looking on all the different What’s New blog posts, I noticed that Federflink1 from the German Whats New blog, hade made a brand new post. In his post, I noticed that he included three different servers and times on, German Club Penguin servers, ready for a meet up with Herbert P. Bear! Below, I have listed the dates, times and servers on where Herbert will be:

  • Thursday 22nd November 2012 – at 4:30pm Central European Time – Server Handschuhe.
  • Friday 23rd November 2012 – at 5:15pm Central European Time – Server Lawine.
  • Wednesday 28th November 2012 – at 4:00pm Central European Time – Server Matterhorn.

As said by Federflink1 in this Club Penguin blog post on the German What’s New blog, Herbert will be online on Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Wednesday 28th November 2012 at the above times and servers. These are just a few meet up locations for Herbert P. Bear as I’m sure there will be many more meet up locations for Herbert P. Bear on other What’s New blogs – such as English, soon. We would love to hear what you have to say on this brand new post from Federflink1 from the German Club Penguin team in the comments, below.

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