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Club Penguin – Dot Captured By Herbert!

Whiles on Club Penguin today, logging in to see if Herbert was online the island, I noticed that when at the Underground Base for the rest of the Elite Penguin Force, the “Captured” list had been updated. I noticed that as well as a picture of Agent G (Gary), a picture of Agent D (Dot) had been added! It seems Herbert is working his way around the Captured List – I believe Jet Pack Guy is going to be captured next, followed by Rookie and even the Director! Take a look at the sign, now:

Also, if you go to the room where Agent G (Gary) was captured and put into a container cell, you’ll notice that Agent D (Dot) is also there! The below image shows what I’m trying to explain:

It seems Herbert P. Bear is getting what he wanted as he has captured two out of the five Elite Penguin Force agents he wants – who knows, perhaps the last cell will be for PH (Puffle Handler)! I’m not sure if Puffle Handler will be captured by Herbert as I’m not sure if he knows about her existence. Anyway, what do you think about Agent D (Dot) being captured? Also, do you think Agent PH (Puffle Handler) will be captured. We would love to hear what you have to say on this in the comments, below.

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