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Club Penguin 2012 Halloween Party Cheats

After months and weeks of Club Penguin releasing teasers, sneak peeks and much more we can finally tell you that the 2012 Halloween Party has just been released in the Club Penguin island! The brand new Halloween Party started about two hours ago and we have finally found all the hints, tips and cheats that you need to know when waddling around the island. First of all, when you login you’ll get this message appear:

Click ‘I Dare!’ and then you’ll appear at the Forest. Once you arrive at the Forest you will be able to see the Haunted House and you’ll be able to waddle on inside the Haunted House! Once inside you need to find five keys that are hidden across the Haunted Mansion in order to complete this weeks Field Ops mission and lets you gain access to the Ghost Lab room. To find the keys simply click on the key you wish to find and you’ll be taken to its room, hover of the key with your mouse for a hint.

The first key is in the same room as the chest and it is just under the locked up case that can be located in the first room of the Haunted Mansion. It will look something like this:

To find the second key you must simply waddle to the left hand side and go to the Graveyard. When you do so you’ll see by the top right corner there is some sort of coffin that you can click on. Click on it and you’ll find the key:

To find the third key you must waddle on over to the Dining room and you’ll see there’s a table. Once you see the table, you’ll notice that there is something hidden under an item on the table, click on this item and you’ll find the key:

To find the fourth key you must go to the Library and when at the Library, you’ll see loads of books. One of these books will be in a glass frame and you’ll be able to click on the frame. Click on the frame and you’ll find the key:

To find the fifth and final key you must go to the Study and you’ll find loads of items at the Study. You’ll notice that on the wall there is an image of a puffle bat and you can click on it! Click on it and you’ll find the key:

Once you have all of the five keys then you can unlock the trunk that’s in the first room of this Haunted Mansion! When you arrive back at the first room in the Mansion you will be able to click on the locked chest and a message will appear saying this:

Click on ‘Get Goggles’ and a message will pop-up asking you if you wish to obtain the Ghost Goggles. Click “Yes” and you will have the Ghost Goggles for your penguin and you can wear them with whatever other clothes you want and you’ll be able to see ghosts everywhere!

Now you must waddle on over to the left and you’ll appear in the below room. When there you’ll see a secret ghostly door that you can waddle through, take a look at this:

Once you are in the ghostly room you’ll get a message from Gary uncle – Gariwald! When this message appears you’ll be able to get a free background from Gariwald by clicking ‘Get Item’ on this message that will pop-up.

Once you have the background you can step inside the ghost machine and become a ghost on the Club Penguin island! Sadly though, this feature is for members only so non-members can’t become ghosts!

In the secret laboratory there is a costume catalog for members and non-members. There are quite a few pages in this catalog and only one page is for non-members and the rest are for members. Here I’ll show you the first two pages of the catalog a no more:

Whiles nearly finished with this post now, once you are a ghost in Club Penguin you can do a special dance by just dancing normally. When you do this special dance in a few rooms you can receive a free prize! Check out your To-Boo List:

Overall I believe that the 2012 Halloween Party has been a huge step forward for Club Penguin and they look like they have worked really hard to make sure there are no bugs and from what I can see there is not one bug – good job Club Penguin! Be sure to let us know in the comments what you have to say on the 2012 Halloween Party as we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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