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Club Penguin – Herbert P. Bear On Twitter!

Club Penguin have updated the Club Penguin island today and along with this they have created a brand new Twitter account. Instead of it being a normal Club Penguin staff member or another Club Penguin account, it’s a mascot account! Club Penguin have created a Twitter account for Herbert P. Bear and he’s been revealing lots of spooky information! Check out his Twitter:

Herbert has released loads of new tweets quite recently and he has been saying that Club Penguin will be attacked in Operation Blackout that will presumably occur in November 2012. Check out these tweets:



It seems that Herbert P. Bear has never left the island of Club Penguin – he’s just been hiding in the wilderness! How could Herbert have not been found by Club Penguin citizens or the Elite Penguin Force? We’d love to hear what you have to say on Herbert and his new Twitter account in the comments, below.

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