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Herbert Spotted In Club Penguin Music Video! Operation Blackout?

Club Penguin Guide has noticed that during the 2012 Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Music video the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force enemy, Herbert P. Bear has been seen in the video! Take a look at this image:

Take a closer look at Herbert, on the middle left hand side. What is Herbert holding? That’s right! Herbert is holding a map or envelope with an image of the sun being crossed out – Operation Blackout? Let us know in the comments what you think Herbert is doing in this video, in the comments below.

4 comments to Herbert Spotted In Club Penguin Music Video! Operation Blackout?

  • Cool I wonder what will Herbert do to the sun :0

    Happyblue128 said:
    Me too! I hope he doesn’t destroy it!

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  • Rockinrabs

    In Cadence’s music video, you can see Herbert’s shadow when Cadence jumps back onto the DJ set and starts saying ”5 4 3 2 1! The party starts now!” You can see a white shadow of Herbert holding a spanner on the right of the DJ set!

    Happyblue128 said:
    Good observation skills!

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  • He might, he has the sun crossed out, lets get ready to stop him, again. We better wait for our next orders. Good luck to you all.

    Happyblue128 said:
    I hope you’ll be able to help us stop Herbert on Club Penguin! :)

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  • He wants something to do with Cadence, and 1 more fact, Herbert P. Bear is a girl, polar bears do not hibernate!

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