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To ensure all your stay is adequat, and all your questions are answered, we have set up an email account that viewers can send their questions to. You can contact us at

Club Penguin Sensei Tracker May 2013

This is the #1 Sensei tracker on the web! No other site has more successful finding from him then us! We guarantee that you’ll find him during him visit on Club Penguin! You’ll be able to get that good ol’ background you wanted from Sensei and get that well earned stamp from him with us. Good luck, and we hope you find Sensei with our tracker and amazing chat.

Status: Offline

Server: N/A

Room: N/A

Last Seen: Nevisea (ES) @ Dock

Here are the confirmed locations for Sensei’s visit for this party. You can view what server and the time he will visit.

Chat below with other penguins trying to find Sensei as well! It will improve your chances on finding him by creating a search team with other fellow penguins. Remember to follow the rules of the chat, at ALL TIMES.

(To view the rules or enter a larger sized chat room, CLICK HERE)

Having trouble on finding Sensei, or just don’t quite know how he looks like? Below, will help you get a better description of Sensei such as what he wears and what collectible background he’s giving out, check it out:



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