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EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin 2011 Halloween Party Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins!

Today I have an exclusive for you! The new get connected video shows tons of previews of the Halloween Party this year that most of you didn’t catch! I was able to take a few pictures of the new things that are coming this this years Halloween Party and what free items are coming as well, check them out!

In this picture above, you can see that the “ghost costume” will be a free item for non-members and members!  How cool!

In this picture above, looks like Club Penguin added ghost on Club Penguin that will be wondering around during the Halloween Party and there a secret lab next to it where it been said Gary appears! How cool!

In this picture above, Club Penguin redesigned the whole plaza! It looks like Club Penguin will be playing the Night of the Living Sled on the Stage, but it says LIVE, could that mean penguins will be able to act it out? Cool!

And last but not least, on this picture above, it looks like there a new room called the Monster Catcher HQ! Can’t wait to enter there, maybe there a catalog to get all these monster catalog! Also if you check the top right corner, there a  new Halloween Scavenger Hunt coming this years Halloween Party!

I’m way to excited now! This years Halloween Party should be a blast! Let me know on the comments below what your most excited for! Gary appearance?  Ghost on Club Penguin? Free items? Let us know!

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