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Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Dojo Cheats!

Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Water Dojo! It’s is awesome! But before we give you the guide, check out how the Water Ninja look and there special dance! There is 2 special dances with this suit, One is by press (D) and the other is by pressing (S). Check it out!

Know let’s check out the Water Dojo! (Click the pictures to enlarge!)

Here is the front of the Dojo decorated in celebration of the Card Jitsu Water!

Here is the entrance of the Card Jitsu Water Dojo! It’s looks awesome!

After you enter the Water Dojo and talk to Sensei, he give you your cards and your ready to play!

Here how Card Jitsu Water looks when you and your buddies play!

There is also new stamps for Card Jitsu Water, Card Jitsu Fire, and the regular Card Jitsu Stamps! Earn them all!

Hope you all enjoy Card Jitsu Water! Leave a comment if you like or not like Card Jitsu Water! I totally love it!


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