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Riffy8888’s 3 Million Hit Party REVIEW!

Hello Penguins!

The party of the year was TODAY! Over more than 200 penguin’s were able to attend this big party! We got over 3 rooms FULL and it was full of fun, laughter, chaos, and much more! Lets start off at the beginning of the party! Check it out!

The party started at 11:00am PST, where I started to login and get into the Coffee Shop. But as always, we keep getting this sign.

So now we decided to go to the Night Club since both Town, and Coffee Shop were Full. We had a blast at he Night Club.

Then we tried to play an awesome game of Dance Contest to show who has the best skills, but Cadence had “Epic Failed” Us.

Then we went to the Pizza Parlor to get some pizza, but unfortunally our Pizza burned out of no where!

Then we decided to go right back to the Coffee Shop, the room we never got a chance to get in since it was so FULL. Then decided later to have  a candy fight with the bowl of candy in the room.

Then the funniest part of the party was when we decided to go to the Dark Chamber with out any lights. It was a pain in the butt to get through without no lights! LOL!

Then we decided to end up in the Box Dimension to give out postcards, add, and chose our winners for the costume contest!

This party was a real blast! I want to thank each and every of you for attending this party! I know it was really hard to go around the party due to all the lagging and all the rooms getting FULL in a instant. But anywho, for all the V.I.P please check your mail, we sent out 3 Series 10 Coin Codes to 3 random V.I.P’s!

Now for the part you all been waiting for! I will be giving out an extra Series 10 Coin Code for the best costume during my party! Here are your nominees.

Please vote for your favorite design costume worn on my party. Choose your favorite! This will be up for voting this whole week, and the one with the most votes will win a Series 10 Coin Code! Please vote below:

Who should win the Halloween Costume Contest?

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Thanks for this exciting FUN Saturday I had today, check out what people had to say about our party on Twitter!

Ninjinian – That party rocked, I hardly got in! Congrats on 3 million hits, and I look forward to your next party! Riffy FTW!
Bladerox – This party is EPIC, EPICNESS AND EPICLY EPIC!
SimbasimCP2 – Riffy, that was the BEST crazy party! It was so cool! I loved every minute of it. (I did flim it!) I would to love some more!
Mini17059 – Awesome party Riffy! Tons of penguins came to celebrate your 3 million hits, also thanks for adding me!!
CPMrkrabs987 – That party….Wow it was lame! LOL Joke it was great! Wait no AWESOME,AMAZING ROCK ON RIFFY
Myfeetsocold – That was the BEST Party Ever!
ItsPhilCP – Your party was AWESOME! I had so much fun travelling one mile per hour around the island from all the LAG!

Thank-you all for coming! Leave a comment below if you came to the party and what was your favorite part!


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