Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker July 2014

This is the #1 Penguin Band tracker on the web! No other site has more successful finding from them then us! We guarantee that you’ll find them during their visit on Club Penguin!  You’ll be able to get that good ol’ background you wanted from the Penguin Band and get that well earned stamp from them.  Good luck, and we hope you find the Penguin Band with our tracker and amazing chat.

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Club Penguin Cadence Tracker July 2014

This is the #1 Cadence tracker on the web! No other site has more successful finding of Cadence than us! We guarantee that you’ll find her during her visit on Club Penguin! You’ll now be able to get that good ol’ background and hard earned stamp that you’ve always wanted from Cadence. We wish you best of luck on finding Cadence with our amazing tracker!

Status: Online

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Club Penguin Frozen Takeover 2014 Promotions

The Frozen Party will commence on the Club Penguin island from August 21st – September 3rd. As a result, the Club Penguin team are starting to get us pumped up for the Frozen Takeover by releasing some Frozen themed promotions onto a few different areas on their website.

Club Penguin have released a new slider on the official Home Page today showing us penguins that from August 21st we’ll be able to get a free Ice Palace, how cool!

frozen home

There is also a similar log-off screen, take a look:

frozen log off

I’m really looking forward to see what the Frozen Takeover will look like on the official Club Penguin app as the Frozen Takeover will be shown on the Club Penguin app as well as on the web! Are you excited for the Frozen Takeover?

Waddle On!

Club Penguin You Decide: Halloween Costumes

Megg has asked us to decide which costume we’d like to see return to the Club Penguin island in October 2014 for the Halloween Party. Now I know reading this you’ll be wondering “Why are the Club Penguin team working on the Halloween Party already?”. Well, as Megg rightly said, the team have deadlines to meet!


Anyway, here are the three items that you can pick from:

halloween costumes

I’ve voted for Pirate as I be loving talking like a pirate… ARR! What did you vote for and why?

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Chattabox’s Ski Slope Challenge on Club Penguin

Chattabox is holding another weekly party this week, on Thursday 31st July 2014. This weeks party is all about challenges and competition as Chattabox will be holding a Ski Slope Challenge! Here are the details:


The party will be on server Down Under at the Ski Hill on Thursday 31st July 2014 at the following times:

 * 4pm East Australian Standard Time

* 6pm New Zealand Standard Time

* 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 30th July for everyone over in the US and Canada

* 7am on Thursday 31st July for Chattabox’s pals in the UK.

I love Chattabox’s weekly parties however I always get up to late to see them, during the school holidays! If you can attend, have a fintastic time!

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Mod Monday – Ft. Penguin Band & Cadence!

This weeks Mod Monday will commence at 1.30pm PST, as per usual, however there will be a slight twist this time around for the Penguin Band and Cadence will be attending Mod Monday along with a few other mods! Everyone will be online server Brumby at 1.30pm PST!

Mod Monday

According to Megg a few moderators came up with the idea of bringing the Penguin Band and Cadence to this weeks Mod Monday, I grand idea I must admit! Will you be attending? Everything starts at the Town!

Waddle On!

My Trip To The Brighton Club Penguin Office!

Today, Friday 25th July 2014, I went to the United Kingdom Club Penguin Office in Brighton and met a few members of the United Kingdom Club Penguin team! I was lucky enough to meet Rhuarbcrmbl, Steampowered, Pandarobot and Sketch Book! I was super stoked to meet them all and at the same time, very nervous haha.

I walked in and was greeted by one of the community representatives. They then took me into their Meeting Room (basically the whole of the ground floor). It’s a really big room and has a ton of Puffle Bean-Bags in! There’s also a few cutouts of penguins around the room. Not only that, however there are tons of Fan Art drawings around the wall, the team sure do like Fan Art drawings!

Anyway, the person who allowed me into the building called up to the English team members, whom were on the third floor. I was admiring the Fan Art on the wall when they came in. The first person I saw was Carol, from this United Kingdom video. I reconsigned her straight away. She was followed by Rhuarbcrmbl, Steampowered, Pandarobot and Sketch Book. After our greetings we went into a meeting room which the team call the “Dance Club”. It’s just a smallish room with a round table and chairs in.

I presented those four with my Fan Art Project that I had worked on and they took a look through it. After that, I asked them a few questions and they asked me a few questions back. It was honestly the most exciting time of my life, to date. So, I know a few of you will be wondering what questions I asked and the team’s response. While I didn’t take notes word for word, I will relay what they responded with.


I asked the United Kingdom team if they were involved with #ProjectSuperSecret and their response was basically no however they are involved in other Disney Projects, especially Disney Infinity. They are also involved in Disney Channel’s “It’s My Summer”, a competition Disney Channel are holding. Going back to #ProjectSuperSecret, Steampowered said it’s possible that they will be involved when the project expands more.

Continuing on from that, I then asked the team a question a buddy of Twitter asked me to ask them. I asked if Dino Puffles would appear at the Pet Shop any-time soon and my response was basically no because the team want Dino Puffles to be seen as an exclusive to the Prehistoric Party. As Steampowered correctly identified, however, was that there have been two Prehistoric Parties in the space of two years so there is a strong possibility that the team will return Dino Puffles in the future, just not to the Pet Shop.

Furthermore, I asked the four staff members sitting infront of me why parties are now 2 weeks long and not a few days long, like in “Old CP”. Rhuarbcrmbl responded to this question saying that some parents only allow their kids on the computer a few times a week and some kids are on holiday. She followed to say that it’s highly unlikely that people can’t login to see the party for these reasons in the space of two weeks.

This then lead nicely on to the fact that I’m on holiday throughout the Frozen Takeover and I would be missing it all. I asked the team about the Frozen Takeover and they all kind of looked at each other and were like “Errr” xD. As they aren’t allowed to confirm anything upcoming to the island, they said that it’d be cool if there was going to be a Frozen Takeover. Steampowered also said that the puffle in the new Music Jam video looks a lot like “Olaf” – they all laughed :P .

I asked the Club Penguin team about #CPNext coming to the Club Penguin island, when will it be released to the web. They all replied by saying that it’s basically going to be like the app but on the web instead of on mobile. There isn’t a release date as of yet, as said Rhuarb, and they’d hate to guess incase it changes.

The Club Penguin app was our next topic of conversation. I asked the team if the Frozen Takeover would appear on the app as rumours say it will be. They said that the aim is to get parties on the app as quickly as possible however couldn’t confirm if it would or wouldn’t be on the app. Hopefully it will be as this is the only way I’ll be able to see the Frozen Takeover!

Green Viking Helmet

I asked the team a few more questions however they’ll keep for another day. They did however give out some cool information about their job while answering a few of my questions. Here are a few Did You Know facts about the United Kingdom Club Penguin team.

  • Steampowered voiced the Penguin Cup Fever video.
  • Moderators will have 3o minute slots a day (this may vary) to moderate the island on their own “secret accounts”.
  • People just call Rhuarbcrmbl “Rhuarb” when they meet her because they don’t know what crumble is, half the time (it’s a British thing).
  • Sketch Book and Steampowered love lego.
  • Sketch Book and Rhuarbcrmbl are Batman Fans (they were also both wearing Batman T-Shirts :P ).
  • The English Team are based on the third floor of the office. Great exercise for them, lol.
  • When filming the English Version of The Spoiler Alert, the team had to pass around a small microphone and speak “loudly and clearly”. It was a pain and took a load of attempts to do, apparently :P
  • Steampowered has accepted Pandarobot’s buddy requests before when Panda had to go AFK one time.

That’s about it! Oh and I got some amazing goodies, curtsy of the United Kingdom team! A one month membership code, a Green Viking Helmet code, a red ninja Puffle with a code and a few other bits like a notepad and pencil.


Today has been the best day ever for me! Quite literally! Special thanks to Rhuarbcrmbl for arranging the whole thing for me and to Sketch Book, Steampowered and Pandarobot for also answering my questions and being superb representatives for Club Penguin!

Waddle On!

Club Penguin – New EPF Message by Gary

A new EPF Message has been sent to us by Gary, the Gadget Guy. An EPF Message is sent once a week to all EPF Members. Sometimes EPF Messages are pointless, sometimes they’re really important, the one who makes them pointless most of the time is Rookie. This message was sent to us on 24th July, 2014. Have a look at Gary’s message below:



If you’re not able to read the message above, it is displayed below:

Some minor setbacks have occured with the Racer 3000s. Don’t mind the explosions. Everything is on track for next week!.

High expectations for next week, might be something new, or just plain old. A new message will be sent to us on the 31st of July, 2014.


Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 – Zendaya Performs!

Today is Day 9 of this year’s Music Jam Party. From now on, we’re able to hear Zendaya’s song until July 31st, and obtain her background. All Mascots giveaway there signed background’s for free, however, you’ve to meet them, but as these mascots are not meet-able, you need to click on them when they’re on the stage. In order to obtain Zendaya’s background, you need to go to her concert, and click on her.


Here is how her background looks on my penguin:


That’s all for today, tomorrow you’ll be able to obtain two items, one if you’re not a member. Zendaya, Cole Plante, Sabrina Carpenter, and Violetta will most likely not be future mascots, as they’re from Disney.