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Club Penguin PH (Puffle Handler) Tracker April 2014

This is the #1 Puffle Handler tracker on the web! No other site has more successful finding from her then us! We guarantee that you’ll find her during his visit on Club Penguin!  You’ll be able to get that good ol’ background you wanted from PH and get that well earned stamp from her with us.  Good luck, and we hope you find PH with our tracker and amazing chat.


Here’s an extended list of the meet up times for Puffle Handler. (All times are in PST)

Meetup Times

Below, you’ll be able to chat with other penguins looking for PH as well. Remember to follow all the rules to avoid being banned.

Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Contests – Win a Membership!

Easter is right around the corner and to celebrate RiffyCP is going to be holding numerous events across the website that are all to do with Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

I’ve hidden eight different Easter Eggs across the website on different posts and pages. Your job is to find them all and leave a comment on this post with the title of the Post/ Page that the Easter Eggs are found on. On Wednesday, 30th April 2014, the people who have commented correctly will be added to a draw and the winner will win a One Month Membership on Club Penguin! Winner will be contacted by email before Sunday 4th May 2014.

Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Drawing Contest

We’re also holding an Easter Drawing Contest. By this, you get to either draw on paper or design on a computer something to do with Easter! It could be a penguin in a bunny outfit, an awesomely decorated Easter Egg etc. Let your imagination flow! I’ll be looking for the most thought out design and the winner here will win a private party on Club Penguin with myself, Happyblue128, and a possibly a One Week Club Penguin Membership. You can either email me your submission at or upload it and leave the link to your entry in the comments! Deadline is Wednesday, 30th April and winners will be contacted before Sunday 4th May 2014.


Name The Puffle

So, Cat Puffles are coming soon and I’m in need of a name for my Cat Puffle. I want you to think of a name for my Cat Puffle and if I like the name you suggested then my Cat Puffle could be called what you have suggested! This is purely for fun and the deadline for the Name the Puffle contest is Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

Cat Puffle Cutout

There are so many ways you can get involved this Easter so now’s your chance.. start commenting with all the answers you can think of. SIDE NOTE: If you’re entering the Easter Egg Hunt Competition, your comments will not be published as we want other people to search for the eggs, not just check the comments!

Happy Easter!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 – Puffle Gala OPEN!

The Puffle Gala is now open to everyone! You can access the Puffle Gala via the Plaza. Here’s what the outside of the Puffle Gala looks like.

puffle gala

Here’s what the Puffle Gala looks like from the inside.

puffle gala1

Don’t forget, the Puffle Gala is only opened on the island from April 24th – May 1st so make sure you check it out while you still can! What’s your favourite part of the Puffle Gala? Drop a comment below to tell me!

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Times Issue #444 – Super Puffle Show!

Club Penguin have released this week issue of the Club Penguin Times today, making this the 444th issue of the newspaper ever to be released! The headline talks about the launch of the Puffle Gala!


The Support Article talks about the new design at the Forest – I hope it stays for good!


Finally, Club Penguin have released a list full of upcoming events to the Club Penguin island. The Puffle Gala is now open to everyone! Also, a new pin will be released next week along with a Silly Hats party at the Beach!


The Puffle Party is really fun at the moment, I loved getting the new free items daily, didn’t you? What are your thoughts on this weeks headlines?

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Future Party 2014 Sneak Peeks

Megg has confirmed on the Club Penguin What’s New blog that the Future Party will be appearing on the island in May 2014. She has also released two sneak peeks of something the team are currently working on.

sneak peek

sneak peek1

If you ask me, it looks like the Club Penguin team are currently working on a new mini-game for us to play during the Future Party. What are you expecting to see in the Future Party?

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Blog: Everyday I’m “Puffle-in” With Chattabox

Every Thursday, Chattabox has a meet up on the Club Penguin island and makes a post on the Club Penguin What’s New blog a few days in advance letting us penguins know where she’ll be having this weeks meetup. As it’s Wednesday today, Chattabox has released a brand new post containing details on her next visit to the island.


To confirm, Chattabox will be online server Down Under at the Forest for 4pm East Australian Standard Time (that’s 6pm New Zealand time or 7am Great British Time). Remember, the meetup will take place on Thursday 24th April however if you’re in PST time then it’ll be at 11pm PST on Wednesday 23rd April. Will you be attending?

Waddle On!

VIDEO: Disney Channel’s Game On – Puffle Party 2014

Mischievous dog or curious cat puffle—which one matches you? Disney Channel’s Hallie heads to a pet park to talk to some experts about Club Penguin’s new dog and cat puffles.

I’m loving the Puffle Party related “Game On” video! I especially like how Hallie was talking to an Animal Trainer in the video! What are your thoughts on the new “Game On” video?

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 – Puffle O’Berry Items

The Puffle Party is now into it’s seventh day and as a result, more free items are available to obtain! Click “Go There!” on the Puffle Task Board.


You’ll now be in the Dock. Waddle over to the Puffle Booth located within the Dock itself. Members will now be able to obtain the o’Berry Costume and everyone can now obtain the Wind-up Mouse


Tomorrow, everyone will be able to go to the Puffle Gala, which can be found within the Plaza. What’s your favourite item from today’s Free Items? Mine has to be the o’Berry Costume!

Waddle On!

Club Penguin #TheSpoilerAlert Season 2 Now In Progress!

Season 2 of #TheSpoilerAlert is currently in progress and yesterday Polo Field and Megg started recording Episode 1 of Season 2 of #TheSpoilerAlert. In Episode 1,  Polo Field and Megg will be joined by Lilac Ren and Politepanda! Here’s a selfie of them all recording it:


As you can see from the image, above, the Club Penguin team have a real laugh when recording #TheSpoilerAlert! It’s great that they enjoy making them because we LOVE watching them! Episode 1 of the second season of #TheSpoilerAlert will be released on 28th April 2014. What’s been your favourite episode so far?

Waddle On!