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Club Penguin “Medieval Monster” Pin (May 28th, 2015)

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin have released a brand new pin in this weeks updates (May 28th, 2015). The new pin is called “Medieval Monster Pin” and is located next to the red couches at the Coffee Shop!

Medieval Monster Pin

Don’t forget that the pin is only going to be located at the Coffee Shop for two weeks (until June 11th), so make sure you get the pin while you can!


What’s New Blog: Chatta’s ‘Fair’y Game-Off

Chattabox is planning to have a meetup on Club Penguin to celebrate the Fair. She’s planning it to have it this Thursday. There are more than one meetups, so everyone from different timezones will have a chance to meet her. Additionally, here’s the full article if you would like more information.
G’Day Penguins,
Hold the (puffle) fort…. THE FAIR IS HERE! Club Penguin island has been taken over by pirates, space squids, dragons and who can forget… The Penguin Band. Those guys are so cool! Apart from raving along to our favourite rock stars, I’ve been playing all the awesome new games and earning some amazing prizes!
Speaking of games…I think it’s time us penguin pals hung out and played some! Ooooo, what if we try and create the biggest Mexican wave Club Penguin has ever seen?! We can at least give it a “fair” try!  Then after, we can reward ourselves by hitting the arcades (there’s a Medieval Monsters game I can’t wait to get back to).
Let’s meet at The Penguin Band stage on the Down Under server on Thursday 28th May. Here are the times:
·        4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
·        6pm New Zealand Standard Time
·        11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 29th April for everyone over in the US and Canada
·        7am on Thursday 28th April for my pals in the UK
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin “Pixel Penguin” Pin (May 14th, 2015)

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin have released a brand new pin in this weeks updates (May 14th, 2015). The new pin is called “Pixel Penguin” and is located next to the DJ system at the Dance Club!

Don’t forget that the pin is only going to be located at the Dance Club for two weeks (until May 28th), so make sure you get the pin while you can!


RiffyCP Reopening Celebration!

Hey Penguins!

It is my please and joy to tell you penguins that RiffyCP is official reopened! There’s still many bugs swarming around the website as we’re working on the new theme but we’re trying our best to squash them and hoping you’re liking the new appearance of our blog!

So what happened to RiffyCP over the past few months? Lets keep it short and simple by saying that I wasn’t able to maintain my blog by managing college and work all together.  But fortunately, my first year of college is over and summer break is here for me to catch up! I’ll be working with others to add new authors once school begins again so nothing like the past ever happens again.

Enough talking, lets give away some prizes! As a celebration, I’m giving out x3 One Month Club Penguin Memberships to you guys! Find out how, below!

Thank-you to all the fans that have been here since day once and all the new fans! Welcome to RiffyCP!



RiffyCP Hosting New Years Day Party!


Christmas is officially over for another year… but don’t worry – we have the perfect solution to a gloomy Boxing Day! Today RiffyCP is officially announcing its New Years Day party! The party will start at 10am PST and will last around half an hour – that’s half an hour of celebrating the new year together! As shown in the invite, above, the party will be hosted on server Ice Palace at the Snow Forts.

Everyone who works on RiffyCP will celebrate the coming of the new year at this party, so make sure you attend! Don’t forget, we’ll be looking for the best outfit and the person who has the best outfit will win a 7 day membership code!

Waddle On and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas From RiffyCP


It’s Christmas Day… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This is just a quick message from everyone here at RiffyCP to say a massive Merry Christmas! We hope you get everything you have asked for and we hope you left something out for Santa to eat last night – going around the world is very tiring!


In between opening presents, eating your Christmas dinner and playing with your new toys, make sure you think about those less fortunate to you, who aren’t having such lovely dinners and aren’t playing with their new XBox/ Playstation 3 – they have nothing.


On a lighter note, I seriously hope everyone has a brilliant day! Be sure to tell us what you got for Christmas in the comments – I got an iPhone 5s, so happy!

Merry Walrus Christmas!


RiffyCP Christmas Contest – 6 Days of Giving – Day 3


Before we start off today’s Christmas Contest, it’s time to announce yesterday’s winners! Yesterday, I asked you guys to let me know what you want for Christmas. There were tones of answers and I couldn’t decide on just one winner! Thanks to Marian245’s generosity, I am able to award two winners a 7 day membership code!

The first winner is… Ninjaboy882 – my random name picker chose you, so congratulations buddy! 😀

The second winner is a penguin who’s comment stood out to me, they seem like a nice penguin and they should be rewarded for that. Congratulations to… Kooldude223! Kooldude asked for a new laptop for Christmas because when they want to go on their laptop, one of their family members is on it! I can’t give you a new laptop, but I can give you a trial membership for Club Penguin! Now you can enjoy exclusive access to member only items!


NOTE: Comments will not be approved until tomorrow.

Now, let’s move onto today’s Christmas Contest. Today, we want you to guess where this picture was taken on the Club Penguin island. You guys were quite good at this last time around so I’ve made it a bit harder! If you can find where this picture was taken from on Club Penguin, you could win a 7 Day Membership Code!


Due to Marian245’s generosity, I am able to release two 7 day membership codes, so two people will win the membership codes tomorrow! Check back tomorrow to see which two people have won!

Waddle On and GOOD LUCK!